Alfresco AXE-PZA-BI  Built-In Pizza Oven Plus

Alfresco AXE-PZA-BI Built-In Pizza Oven Plus



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Setting the standard for creative innovations in outdoor cooking equipment is what Alfresco has become known for. Pizza Plus is an exciting new outdoor pizza and culinary oven engineered to commercial performance caliber. With a preheat time of only 15 minutes, the Pizza Plus is not only great for cooking pizza, but also is fabulous for baking, broiling, roasting, and just about anything else you can do in a regular oven. However, it’s faster and with much better results! Whether you’re cooking 3-minute Neapolitan pizzas directly on the hearth, thick prime New York steaks pan seared in an iron skillet, herb & spice rubbed pork chops in a ceramic baking dish, skillet-sizzling shellfish, or zesty jalapeno corn bread in a ramekin, it can all be done in Alfresco’s new Pizza Plus.

Key Features



 There’s simply no pizza oven like it…period! 


Built-In Pizza Oven Specs


Model # AXE-PZA-BI


1. Fireplace-like gas log absorbs and radically accelerates preheat time as it distributes heat up to the ceramic ceiling slab for intense top down heat.
      2. 3/4 thick high-quality ceramic slab heart and ceiling for even intense radiating heat. Alfresco’s exclusive natural air-cooling plenum keeps control panel cool to the touch.
      3.  Exhaust.
      4.  All 304 18-8 heli-arc welded stainless steel.
      5.  Full 8.5″ high opening.
      6.  20,000 btu tube log burner.
        7.  High-tech 20,000 btu high heat ceramic infrared hearth burner.
          8.  Removable hinges/doors.
            9.  Double-walled removable top.
              10.  456 sq. in. of cooking space.
                11.  Halogen oven light.
                  12.  Alfresco’s exclusive natural air-cooling plenum keeps control panel cool to the touch.


                  Manufacturer's Downloads

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